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Search for the lost moments is the inspiration for Fall 22, Del Sur. A true ode to life lived, a celebration deeply acknowledge here in the South, the collection is a medley of sensual silhouettes that blossom with movement and light, through delicate details of draping, frills, sashes and textures. In silky jerseys, glowing metallic jacquards, sheer chiffons, and vegan leather eyelets, Del Sur is a show of contrast of the feminine power, at times soft, at times strong.     

With heavy emphasis on neutral shades of ivories and blacks, amplified by textured surfaces, it is balanced with pops of color of bubble gum pink, merlot red, and promegranate coral. A statement is made through impeccable draping, well placed cut outs, and mixing of modern florals. She is our southern goddess, the icon of Now born from the womb of yesterday.   

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