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Savanna S/S 2020

Celebrates the african roots of the coastal Colombia, mixing classics safari style with the vibrant caribbean-chic esthetic.

Neutral base tones such as khaki , beige and withe are complemented by the warmer shades of sunset orange, blood red, golden sand, desert green and mellow blue. 

savana editorial 2

African nature inspires the print assortment, with options in Polka dot that closely resembles an animal print, flora and fauna scenery, tribal embroideries, and even a delicate evening camouflage inspired print.

savana editorial 4
savana editorial 5

In harmony with the color palette, the materials are natural and breathable, a variety of light linens, embroidered cotton voiles, satin silks and eyelets, perfect for the warmer season.

savana editorial 7
savana editorial 8

While there are a few typical safari pieces, the silhouettes are feminine, delicate and coquettish, with ruffled sleeves, voluminous skirts, lace trimmings and scalloped hems.

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